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New Mercenaries




New items

Ring of Luck +3

Critical Ring +3

Killian Ring +3

Prideus’ Bracelet

Battle Mode 3 screenshots of 6 battle styles

Force Shielder after activating “Hammer Crusher” – as modeled by yours truly!

Warrior after activating “Axe Destroyer”!

Wizard after activating “Elemental Dominator”!

Blader after activating “Knucklet Striker”!

Force Archer after activating “Launcher Punisher”!

Force Blader after activating “Sword Splitter”!

Battle Mode 3 utilizes the new Skill Chaining system to unleash three levels of deadly Fatal Attacks, granting revolutionary Synergy Effects unique to each Battle Style.

Embark on an epic quest for power and glory. Conquer never before seen enemies residing in previously undiscovered locations. Stop at nothing to become one of the most powerful champions the world of Nevareth has ever seen.

Your journey will not be easy. Only the strongest and bravest of warriors will survive. If you are one of them, you will hold the power of Minesta’s Legacy in the palm of your hand.

New DX


Some new images of the Next Update – EP8


Appearance Change

Original Weapon
Trying to Change the Appearance


Result Weapon

You can restore back to the Original appearance

Epaulet with Slot

Granting Property for Epaulet
Property List
Extracting Epaulet (Destroy)

Adding Slot to Epaulet by using Conversion Formula Card

Extending Epaulet with Slot Extender

RoL3 / CR3

Killian Ring

Ring Stats

Material for crafting Killian Ring

Infinity Chaos

Enty Item

1st Stage – 1st Boss

2nd Stage – 2nd Boss

3rd Stage – 3rd Boss

4th Stage – 4th Boss

5th Stage – 5th Boss

6th Stage – 6th Boss

7th Stage – 7th Boss

8th Stage – 8th Boss

9th Stage – 9th Boss

10th Stage – 10th Boss

11th Stage – 11th Boss

12th Stage (Final Stage) – 12th Boss (Final Boss)

Cleared Infinity Chaos