Cabal Mobile – Oct 17th 2019 Patch notes

◈ Changes

1. Split “Epic Booster” into 3 different grades: Medium / High / Highest

◈ Fixes

1. Fixed a bug that game displayed “Stain Clone x257” as the reward of “Hazardous Valley (Normal)” in reward window

2. Fixed bug that show some option name of character details stats displayed abnormally

3. Fixed bugs related to Battle Mode 3

  • Bug that make Attack A was triggered when player touches Attack B in Non-Auto Battle Mode
  • Bug that character didn’t do auto attack to near by monster in “Auto Attack” mode
  • Bug that unable to activate specific BM3 related skills in certain situations
  • Bug that showed only 1 Synergy when more than one Synergy was activated

4. Fixed bug that character moves near to target monster but didn’t attack

5. Fixed bug that caused the selected target got changed

6. Fixed bug that caused game is auto zoomed when character enter “Arcane Trace” area

7. Fixed bug that caused character moves unintentionally while using specific skills

8. Fixed bug related to Dungeon Tracker in Auto Attack mode

9. Fixed bug related to Auto Attack

  • Bug that caused range changed abnormally in certain situation
  • Bug that happened when character moved backward in certain skills that caused abnormal range calculation

Cabal Online – Episode 24 – March 15th 2019 Patch notes

The very first content of 2019 is here, first patch for the Spring Update of Korea Cabal. The patch features some changes and additions such as the categorisation of Epic Booster, new DX Dungeon: Flame Nest…

If you missed the road map of first half of 2019, you can take a look here.

■ Fixes

1. Fixed an error that show the casting time of skills in tooltip are different than actual casting time

■ Changes

1. Epic Booster is now categorised into 03 grades

  • Epic Booster is now categorised into grades: Medium, High and Highest
    • Epic Booster must be used according to item grade.
    • No changes for other conditions.
  • Old “Epic Booster” is applicable for all Medium / High / Highest items
    • Changes related to the old “Epic Booster” in NPC Chloe
      • Stop selling materials for making the old “Epic Booster”
      • Add new material for the new 3 types of “Epic Booster”
  • Others
    • Add text to show the related Epic Booster grade in item tooltip
    • Add related categories in Auction House for new Epic Boosters

2. Change the limitation for stacking items / potions

3. Change the animation and visual effects of some skill (skill stats, casting time and cooldown do not change)

4. Some changes are applied for

  • Guild Dungeon
  • Guild Mission Event
  • Special Gift Box system

5. Rebalance for Eternal Chaos Arena / Glacies Inferna Dungeon

  • Change the number of daily entry
    • Eternal Chaos Arena:
      • Old: 60 times
      • New: 50 times
    • Glacies Inferna
      • Old: 70 times
      • New: 40 times
  • Add the limit of the maximum dungeon boost before entering the dungeon (for ECA / GI)
    • Dungeon can be boosted up to the maximum boost level only
    • Unavailable boost level will be marked in red colour
    • Boosting limit
      • ECA: up to level 3
      • GI: up to level 2

6. Change the appearance of Patren Boss (LOL, I have no clue why did they change this?!)

■ Additions

1. Add new DX Dungeon “Flame Nest” (aka Lava Hellfire II)

  • Entry Information
    • Level: 190+
    • Item: Broken Devil’s Horn
      • NPC Unknown – Bloody Ice
      • 1,000,000 Alz + 1 Divine Stone
    • Location: Port Lux (229, 62)
    • Maximum Participants: 2
  • Time limit: 30 minutes
  • Dungeon Completion:
    • Success: Kill last boss and destroy the Legendary Box
    • Fail: Time out
  • Compensation: 8 DP
  • Dungeon Play Time: 16 hours
  • Main Drops:
    • Demonite Items (sub- and top-epic)
    • Demonite Epaulet
    • Ultimate Cores
    • Astral Bike – QW7
    • Essence Rune – Ignore Damage Reduction

** Take a look of some screenshots of the dungeon below

2. Add the drop of Demonite with top-epic for Forgotten Temple B3F, DX Dungeon: Mirage Island