[KR] [EP9] Jun 07th Patch Notes

*** Jun 07th 2012 Patch Notes includes below additions and  May 30th 2012, May 31st 2012 Patch Notes, click on the links for details.  ■  Additions 1. Add Item : Bike Converter […]

[KR] [EP9] May 31st 2012 Patch Notes

■ Fixes 1. Bug that allow viewing the result of Pet Training, bug is now fixed 2. Some monsters spawned unusually, bug is fixed ■  Changes 1. Arcane Battle changes i) Change the battle of […]

[KR] [EP9] May 30th 2012 Patch Notes

■ Fixes 1. Earring of Guard +5 – +7 could not be extracted, bug is fixed 2. Fixed quests related bugs 3. Selling crafted items in Personal Shop caused error 4. Materials […]

[KR] [EP9] May 23rd 2012 Patch notes

■ Fixes 1. Pet Monster size displays abnormally in Arcane Trace, bug is fixed 2. Amount of sold Alz in Auction Hall displays not in colorized, bug is fixed 3. Changes […]

[KR] [EP9] May 16th, 18th 2012 Patch notes

— May 16th 2012 — Public Server ■  Fixes  Fix some bugs related to Refection Stone Quest information of some Minesta quest display incorrectly, bug is fixed Material for some recipes […]