Some new images of the Next Update – EP8

Appearance Change Original Weapon Trying to Change the Appearance Success! Result Weapon You can restore back to the Original appearance Epaulet with Slot Granting Property for Epaulet Property List Extracting […]

Cabal Mercenary List

I’ve made this for people who still confuses about new Mercenaries in-game, here is the list of all Mercenaries, up to Nov 16th 2011 KR update Character Mercenaries are so […]

BM3 Weapon In-game Screenshot

Take a first look here : BM3 Weapon. Sorry for incomplete … only WA/BL/WI/FA here. If you want to check FB/FS weapon and their costume, take a look below. There […]

KR Patch Notes : Nov 16th 2011

■ Fixes 1. Fix the bug, that caused to drop abnormally epic items in Marquinas Outpost 2. GPS Location on the minimap of Infinity Chaos Arena dungeon can not be […]

Cabal EP8 – KR Patch notes : Nov 09th 2011

■ Fixes 1. Multi-Shooter Force Archer BM2 skill caused bugs 2. Enhanced bikes cannot be extracted 3. Confirmation extraction window of Astral Bike – RW3 displays abnormally 4. Under certain […]