#EP17 #GSP Official Patch notes from Global Service

Please find the detailed patch notes from Cabal GSP below, in case you need further information, please try mrwormy.com/?s=ep17

Key changes:

  • New Battle Style : Force Gunner
    • Armor: Battleset
    • Weapon: Orb/ Crystal
    • Skill: 20 attack skills
    • BM1 : Ranger
    • BM2: Heavy Launcher
    • BM3: Hitman
  • Upgrade to +20 for Weapon/ Armor/ Bike
  • Character Rebalance
  • Other Fixes


#KR #EP18 April 26th 2017 Patch notes

■ Fixes

1. Fixed bug that related to Honour Medal was displayed abnormally after client reconnect

2. Fixed bugs related to game login screen

3. Fixed bug related to Blessing Beads – Pet EXP display 100% when customised for 1000% (only displayed value is incorrect).

4. Fixed bug related to Auction Hall that name of several items cannot be shown


■ Changes

1. Changes related to Pet Safety Kit

  • Able to select the section that going to be saved
    • General Section
    • Contract Section
  • Selected section will be stored and can be used on equivalent section on the target pet
  • For Pet Sleeping Kit
    • Level 1-10: Use the equivalent Pet Sleeping Kit with same level
    • Level 11-20: Use Pet Sleeping Kit (Contract)

2. Change related to automatic attack, so that it won’t be cancelled if player uses the instant-cast skill

3. Drop changes

  • Elite Premium DX: Increase drop rate of Extreme Upgrade Seal
  • Board
    • Remove drop from fields: All
    • Add drop in Dungeons: Lake in Dusk / Ruina Station / Tower of the Dead B1F / Tower of the Dead B2F / Volcanic Citadel / Forgotten Temple B1F
  • Hard Shell, Sticky Red Liquid
    • Remove drop from fields: Port Lux / Fort Ruina / Undead Ground / Forgotten Ruin
    • Add drop in Dungeons: Forgotten Temple B1F / Forgotten Temple B2F / Forgotten Temple B2F (Awakening) / Forbidden Island / Forbidden Island Awakening / Altar of Siena B1F / Altar of Siena B2F / Illusion Castle Underworld / Illusion Castle Radiant Hall / Marquinas Outpost / Tower of the Dead B3F / Abandonned City
  • Familiar Mineral / Silver Jewelry / Powerless Core
    • Remove drop from fields: All
    • Add in Chloe NPC
      • Per piece: 30,000 Alz
      • Per stack: 3,810,000 Alz
  • Remove Discs Lv. 2 drop from Port Lux and Fort Ruina

4. Increase chance to get higher amount of Material Cores and Quartz Cores when extract Archridium and Palladium items

5. Minor changes applied for Sub-Password and Channel Name’s Colour

  • Green: Non-PK
  • White: PK-able
  • Red: War







■ Additional information

1. Add feature to repeat on/off BGM in War Lobby


#KR #EP18 #Patchnotes 23rd March 2017

■ Fixes

1. Fixed the bug related to Force Blader in Battle Mode 1, HP did not heal after using Odd Circle.

2. Fixed bug related to abnormal skill camera bug


■ Changes

1. Pet Level Expansion

  • Merging pet skills
    • Combine Attack and Magic Attack into All Attack Up
    • Combine Sword Skill Amp. and Magic Skill Amp. into All Skill Amp. Up
  • Pet level and slot expansion
    • Maximum level:
      • Old: 10
      • New: 20
    • Pet skill slots:
      • Pet level 1 – 10: Normal section
      • Pet level 11 – 20: Contract section
    • Pet training cost
      • Level 1 – 10: 1,000,000 Alz
      • Level 11 – 20: 2,000,000 Alz
    • Pet option training
      • Pet stats are given differently based on current type of level section
  • Pet Sleeping Kit changes
    • Level 1 – 10: Seal using Pet Sleeping Kit
    • Level 11 – 20: Seal using Pet Sleeping Kit (Contract)
  • Update Pet UI
    • Able to select “Pet Untrain Kit”, “Pet Untrain Kit (Selective)” and “Pet Sealing Kit”
    • Able to select the tab (Normal / Contract) for untraining

2. Expansion of Blessing Beads coverage

  • Beads are now account-applied
  • Beads are used for one character will apply for all character in the same account

3. Improved Cabal graphics engine

  • Add “Graphic texture” option
  • Shadow effect is broken down to 8 grades
  • Add new option for Dynamic Lighting


■ Additions

1. Add Palladium manufacturing

  • Able to craft Palladium items: Weapon / Helmet / Armor / Gloves / Boots
  • Add the Craftsman item of Palladium in Auction Hall

2. Added two new force codes

  • New Force Codes
    • Ignore Critical Damage Resistance
    • Ignore Skill Amplification Resistance
  • How to get
    • From Pet Contract Training slots (level 11 – 20)
  • Applicable
    • Only for Mission War / PVP

3. Add Extreme Upgrade Seal

  • Able to extract, store and apply Extreme Upgrade level
  • Type
    • Normal: Can be used for Extreme item with grade 2
    • Master: Can be used for Extreme item with grade 3-6
  • Group
    • One-handed weapon
    • Two-handed weapon
    • Armor
    • Bike
  • Able to use regardless of item grade
    • Sealed extreme level from SIG Metal can apply back to Mithril item
  • Limitation of sealing
    • Sealed item
    • Item with Extreme level is 0 or 1
    • Binding items
  • Limitation of using seal on
    • Broken items
    • Character binding items
    • Target item has lower extreme grade than sealed one



#KR #EP17 Feb 08th ~ Mar 15th 2017 Patch notes

Feb 08th 2017 Patch notes

■ Fixes

1. Fixed bugs that caused certain bosses in Porta Inferno and Senillinea do not attack automatically.

2. Fixed bugs that caused the option to change the “Acquire of OXP” in System message area did not work normally.

3. Fixed bugs that caused the cooldown of Mercenary increase abnormally while pausing in the dungeons.

4. Fixed bug that certain quests in Illusions Castle Underworld dungeon did not pay the Honor normally.

5. Fixed bug that caused abnormal dungeon script in Glacies Inferna

6. Fixed bug that caused certain programs are identified as hacking tools


■ Changes

1. Divine Upgrade related changes

  • Changes for Divine Upgrade +1 ~ +3
    • Slightly decreasing stats
    • Add new stats:
      • Weapon: Attack Rate
      • Armor: Defense Rate
  • Change for Divine Upgrade +4 or more
    • Increasing stats significantly
  • Changes stats of Gloves (High/Highest)
    • Old: Ignore Damage Reduction
    • New: All Attack Up


  • Reduce the amount of Divine Stone required for upgrading:


2. Penetration & Accuracy Potion usage

  • When the potion has 10% duration left, similar potion can be used
  • Same type of potion but different duration cannot be used at the same time



Feb 15th 2017 Patch notes

■ Fixes

1. Fixed bugs that caused certain boss monsters in Eternal Chaos Arena did not attack

2. Fixed bug that related to Glacies Inferna



3. Fixed bugs related to Upgrade Token


■ Changes

1. Upgrade UI improvement

  • Automatically remember the last type of core used for upgrading
    • Reset after client is exit
  • Add tooltip for expected results
    • Display on mouse hoverEnhanced UI improvements
  • Divine Upgrade doesn’t accept Upgrade Point, point will turn into red colour
  • Upgrade expected result will display based on item and cores registered



2. Request UI improvement

  • When inventory is full, if “Complete” button is clicked, all failed slots will be cleared
  • When repeat requesting is registered, if the inventory is full, all failed slots will be cleared for keeping requesting




Feb 22nd 2017 Patch notes

■ Fixes

1. Fixed bugs that caused Upgrade Token got +2 under specific situations


Feb 28th 2017 Patch notes

■ Fixes

1. Fixed bug that Divine Seal cannot be link to chat window

2. Fixed bug that caused Force Blader cannot user Saints Force buff



■ Changes

1. Change certain calculation for upgrading Upgrade Token using Superior Core



Mar 15th 2017 Patch notes

■ Fixes

1. Fixed bug related to movement animation of Bike with upgrade +16 ~ +20

2. Fixed bug related to Divine Upgrade with Armor items

[KR] [EP17] Jan 18th 2016 Patch notes


■ Fixes

1. Fixed bug that related to Kias Rohdon in Forbidden Island (Awakened) while it heals its HP

2. Fixed bug that National Costume (War Costume) of Force Gunner is displayed as Force Archer in inventory

3. Fixed bug that caused the stats comparison being abnormally displayed while comparing certain items


■ Changes

1. Changes related to Buff Skills

  • Changes related to Buff Skill Target
    • Party: Specific Skill can be activated once all member in the active range
    • Non-party: Specific Skill can buff on self/selected target
    • Target skill
      • Force Archer
        • Vital Energy
        • Sharpness
      • Force Gunner
        • Inspire
      • Wizard
        • Hardness
  • Change the Buff constraints for Party Exclusive Buff Skills
    • Change Party Exclusive Buff Skills so these skills can use in non-party state
      • Except: Raise Spirit / Mass Heal
    • Target Skills
      • Warrior:
        • Art of Shouts
        • Moral Shouts
      • Blader:
        • Curse Dodge
        • Fatality Increase
      •  Wizard:
        • Mass Restore
        • Absorption Shield
      • Force Shielder:
        • Shadow Shield
      • Gladiator:
        • Insight




2. Mercenary changes

  • Increase the number of Mercenary can be summoned per character is 2 (was 1)
    • Cannot summon two Mercenaries from the same category
    • Cannot use Active Buff in case summon 2 Mercenaries
    • Increase limit of summoning Mercenaries in party:
      • 1 character can summon 2 Mercenaries
      • 3 characters can summon 4 Mercenaries
    • Mercenaries now have only 10 seconds cooldown



3. Improved Guild and Bike Warehouse

  • Guild Warehouse
    • Storing and Retrieving items
      • Remove the information that showing when taking items from GWH
      • Moving items into GWH will not generate many messages
    • Mass Storing and Retrieving items
      • Allow mass storing / retrieving by Alt + Left mouse
  • PW5
    • Mass Storing and Retrieving items
      • Allow mass storing / retrieving by Alt + Left mouse
    • Add message that shows in case the PW5 WH is full and cannot accept more items

4. Change the maximum items per Auction Hall slot from 20 to 100

5. Increase Dungeon EXP

  • Increase EXP of dungeons from Volcanic Citadel and above
    • Excepts: Illusion Castle Underworld and Radiant Hall
  • Changes:
    • Increase from 1.3 times to 8 times in comparison with previous


6. At 130 after complete BSLV Up, character will get Battle Mode 3 skill automatically

7. Blader Battle Mode 2 skill effect changes from Knockback to Down

8. “Glacies Inferna” Dungeon Changes

  • Changes that allows “Fragment of Divine” can drop in bulk, up to 5 fragments
  • Reduce the maximum HP of some monsters
  • Change and add sound effects to some monsters

9. Change the PC Bang bonus (do not affect outside Korea)