Cabal Mobile – A late review…

So the Closed Beta for Cabal Mobile has closed, within only 5 days (13-Mar-2019 to 17-Mar-2019), there were over 10,000+ installs. That's more than enough to prove the heat of Cabal Mobile as well as Cabal. Today, I will write a small (and late) review for Cabal Mobile.

Cabal Mobile Special Wallpaper Pack

Let’s heat up either your PC, Laptop or even Mobile with the very first wallpaper pack of Cabal Mobile (카발모바일 / Cabal M / 카발M). Have a nice weekend and […]

Cabal Mobile – Newest Leaked Screenshots

Game will be officially out for testing from 13-Mar-2019; it’s 6 days from now; however, the atmosphere is now overheat! Everywhere, all people are talking about the #CabalMobile. As usual, […]