Arcane Battle

Ultimate Guide To The Arcane Trace Battle System

The most important things you need to know about the new Mission War are here!

Source : Cabal PH (with modifications)


This post will cover only the basics, so you can still explore the new Nation War system and develop your own techniques, strategy and tactics. Alright!

 1. Introduction

The Arcane Trace Boss Battle is the new Nation War system for high levels, only characters level 180 and above can join it.

The Arcane Trace Boss Battle is similar to the Tierra Gloriosa nation war in terms of conquering bases – you need to kill the guardian to conquer a fortress (or a base). The more fortresses you conquer, the higher your chance of winning the battle.

However, the way it is played is very different with Mission War. For one, some aspects of the TG Mission War were removed from Arcane Trace Boss Battle. There are no : Building Towers, Sage Ensigns, Vital Gears, Uber-Long-Resurrection-Titme, Partipation Fee, Cube Rewards.

However, the exciting thing here are Buff and Turn systems, which I will explain later.

In the end, goal of both nations is to conquer fortresses and defeat the Arcane Golem of Rage to get a chance to acquire the new Unbinding Stones and the +8 accessories.

2. Basic Details

Additional Info: you can enter the map anytime of the day, but the guardians and the arcane golems will not appear until the scheduled time.

3. Map and Interface

1 = Capella Starting Point

2 = Capella Extra Warp Point


3 = Procyon Starting Point

4 = Procyon Extra Warp Point

Same with TG Mission War, fortresses you have occupied will be marked blue, while enemies’ will be marked red.


1= Indicates the current turn

2= Indicates the time remaining for the current turn

3= Total time remaining for the Arcane Trace Boss Battle

4 = System messages appear when a fortress is occupied, there is a change in turn, or when a bonus time is given


Number besides the nation logo indicates the number of fortresses occupied by the nation.

Yellow bar indicates the HP of the Arcane Golem of Rage.

The Arcane Trace-exclusive buffs are placed on the top right portion of the screen, besides the map.

4. Game Play and Battle System

Unlike the Tierra Gloriosa Nation War, Arcane Trace Boss Battle is turn-based.

(1)             Fortress Occupation Turn: You can attack Guardians to occupy fortresses  but you cannot attack the Arcane Golem of Rage

Attacking a Neutral Fortress Guardian

Like in TG, the guardian gets converted to the nation which defeats it.

(2)            Golem Attack Turn: the nation with the most number of fortresses occupied during the fortress occupation turn will have the permission to attack the Golem. Members of the opposite nation cannot attack fortress guardians, Arcane Golems or the Arcane Golem of Rage during this turn

Flow of Battle:

Start (Turn 1): The battle begins with a 3-minute Fortress occupation turn.

Both nations have no occupied fortresses (as indicated by the 0s beside the nation icons). The Arcane Golem of Rage hasn’t spawned yet (empty HP Bar).

Turn 2 (Golem Attack Turn):

The first Golem Attack turn is given to the nation which has occupied more fortresses during Turn1.

The turns would be alternate: Fortress Occupation Turn -> Golem Attack Turn -> Fortress Occupation Turn ->Golem Attack Turn until the Arcane Golem of Rage is killed or when the 40-minute total time has elapsed.

Bonus Time

Like running Maquinas Outpost, bonus time will be given under two conditions:

(1)             +3 minutes to Fortress occupation turn – given when Procyon and Capella conquered the same number of fortresses

(2)            +1 minute to Golem Attack Turn – given when more than 40% of the Boss monster is taken in 1 turn

The bonus time will be given when the original 2-minute time ends.

Regardless of how many Bonus Time was given, the over-all time will still be consumed, thus ensuring that the boss battle will not exceed the 40-minute limit.

5. The Buffs System

Unlike TG Mission War which uses the waiting list + handicap system to balance the nations, the Arcane Trace Boss Battle uses the Buffs System.

(1)             The Boss Battle Member Buff

Every participant will gain the Boss Battle Member Buff once he is in the Arcane Trace map during the Arcane Trace Battle. Number of participants will affect the Buff.

(2)            The Boss Battle Fortress Buff

The Fortress Buff is given to the nation which has lost 2 or more Fortress Occupation turns. The more fortress occupation turns they lose, the higher the level of Fortress Buff they will get.

Notes :

You cannot use the Saint’s Force Buff during Arcane Trace Boss battle.

6. Drop List

The other monsters inside Arcane Trace may also drop items.

And that ends my guide to the Arcane Trace Battle system.

See you in Arcane Trace!

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