Ability Runes

Changes and Additions have been applied to Essence Rune system Here are the full list up-to-date with Rising Force Part II stats and values  Have fun  —– You can use Ctrl + F then type the Rune Name to Search —– Essence Runes —– EXP – Skill EXP – Party EXP – Pet EXP Alz […]

[EP17] [KR] Jan 11th 2017 Patch notes

■ Fixes 1. Fixed bug that caused client disconnection when starting certain quest dungeons 2. In certain situations, dungeon completed is treated as dungeon failure ■ Changes 1. Battlestyle Re-balance adjustment Force Blader Fire  / Ice  / Lightning Blade  skill: Change to instant cast Curse of Freeze  (was Mana Freeze before) Cannot use for monsters Remove option: […]

[KR] [EP17] Nov & Dec 2016 Patch notes

Nov 24th 2016 Patch notes ■ Changes 1. Change the maximum level of item upgrading to 20 (was 15) Upgrade UI combination Open the Upgrading UI: Right click on upgrade cores Click on “Upgrade” button in inventory Availability: Normal items Chaos items Upgrade method Once Upgrading UI activated, player can put the item inside Available […]

[PH] [Event] CABALIDAYS 2016

Original Source: http://cabal.e-games.com.ph/main.php/cabalidays-2016/ ❅ SNOWFLAKE COLLECTION   Exchange all your collected Socks and Snowflakes for cool rewards! Socks Exchange   ○ Xmas Present (Lv.1) ○ Xmas Present (Lv.2) ○ Xmas Present (Lv.3) Snowflake Exchange   ○ Rare Items Exchange Method: Exchange your Green and Red socks to Xmas Presents 1, 2 and 3. Exchange your Snowflakes […]

[EP16] Jun 22nd Patch notes

■ Changes 1. Change the item appearance change to unconditional success (do not base on the item type/ period) 2. Changes related to monsters in Mission War   ■ Additions 1. Add the capability for expanded Blended Rune slots Change the “Rune Slot Extender” to “Essence Rune Slot Extender Add “Blended Rune Slot Extender” item […]