Essence Runes

As part of Episode 19, CABAL comes with Essence Rune expansion where new runes are introduced as well as new grade for old runes. Here is the list of all new runes (including ones with new grade): Resist Critical Rate EXP II HP II Attack II Magic Attack II Defense II Sword Skill Amp. II […]

Ability Runes


Changes and Additions have been applied to Essence Rune system Here are the full list up-to-date with Rising Force Part II stats and values  Have fun  —– You can use Ctrl + F then type the Rune Name to Search —– Essence Runes —– EXP – Skill EXP – Party EXP – Pet EXP Alz […]

#KR #EP19 July 26th 2017 Patch notes

■ Fixes 1. Fixed bug that causes certain boss monster in Glacies Inferno did not attack 2. Fixed bug that causes the required level for learning some Essence Runes were incorrectly set 3. Fixed bug that cause Battle Mode 2 Stage Attack Control minimize button works abnormally 4. Fixed bug related to the item tooltip […]

#KR #EP19 July 19th 2017 Patch notes

■ Fixes 1. Abnormal display of Skill EXP in certain situations. 2. Fixed bug related to Battle Modes animation are still available in certain situations. 3. Spawning animations of some monsters displayed abnormally, bug is fixed 4. Fixed bug that bike with Appearance Change cannot be moved 5. Fixed bug related to performing quests inside […]

#KR #EP19 July 12th 2017 Patch notes

■ Corrections 1. Fixed bug that player could not open Guild Warehouse 2. Fixed bug that Bike with Appearance Change cannot be moved   ■ Changes 1. Upgrade ability of some “Faith Mercenaries”   2. Battle Style Change Kit now can be used up to Level 199 (was 170) ■ Additions 1. Added “Arcana of […]