[FAQ] [EP9] [Quest] Daily Quest : Request of Chloe

So you know that in EP9 the crafting system has been rebuilt. Yep with lovely NPC Chloe. She will give a daily quest : Request of Chloe. So what’s all about that quest? Let’s take a look 😉 *** Where : NPC Chloe What : Quest When : Daily *** First meet Chloe in Port […]

[FAQ] [Guide] [Quest] Another Way to Break The Seal


I’ve received a lot of questions about the Brand-new quest for Mergaheph Ring in the Saints’ Requiem update. So I’ve decided to make a full guide for this quest 🙂 1. What’s this quest for? Player who hasn’t got the Mergaheph Ring yet Player who wants the ring but doesn’t want to waste time for […]

#KR #EP18 April 19th 2017 Patch notes

■ Fixes 1. Fixed bug related to monster pattern on Senillinea: Entwood, Giant Wolf Leader 2. Fixed bug that plays BGM sound abnormally 3. Fixed bug that related to Pet Training UI 4. Fixed bug that related to Abandoned City Legendary Cube can generate abnormally output 5. Fixed bug that cause abnormal of showing GPS   ■ Changes […]