Cabal PH Release the Yuan Mercenary Card

The Yuan Mercenary Card can be used to augment your solo adventure in any dungeon!  She’s hot and she packs a punch! Check out her stats below: Attack 800 Success Rate of Attack 75% Critical Rate 75% Critical DMG 250% Cooldown Time 180 Sec Yuan attacks any monster you’ve targeted and with her abilities, you’ll […]

Cabal Mercenary List

I’ve made this for people who still confuses about new Mercenaries in-game, here is the list of all Mercenaries, up to Nov 16th 2011 KR update Character Mercenaries are so easy to understand 🙂 So I skip to NPC/Monster Mercenaries (Faith / Dazzlement in game): NPCs : Yuan – Arionel – Rin (aka Lynn in […]

[KR] [EP17] Jan 18th 2016 Patch notes

■ Fixes 1. Fixed bug that related to Kias Rohdon in Forbidden Island (Awakened) while it heals its HP 2. Fixed bug that National Costume (War Costume) of Force Gunner is displayed as Force Archer in inventory 3. Fixed bug that caused the stats comparison being abnormally displayed while comparing certain items   â–  Changes 1. […]

[EP15] CABAL Episode 15: Clashing Nations Official Patch notes

After Taiwan and Japan, CABAL Philippines is the next official CABAL gets the new update: Clashing Nations. Check out the complete official patch notes which come from CABAL Philippines! Source: =============== Additions Senillinea Basic information • Features: The confrontation between existing towns belonging to the two nations of Capella and Procyon • Conditions to enter: Above Lv. 190 […]