Cabal PH Release the Yuan Mercenary Card

The Yuan Mercenary Card can be used to augment your solo adventure in any dungeon! ย Sheโ€™s hot and she packs a punch! Check out her stats below: Attack 800 Success Rate of Attack 75% Critical Rate 75% Critical DMG 250% Cooldown Time 180 Sec Yuan attacks any monster youโ€™ve targeted and with her abilities, youโ€™ll […]

#KR #EP19P2 Oct 20th 2017 Patch note

Oct 20th 2017 Patch notes โ–  Fixes 1. Fixed bug that related to an error that show abnormal output related to Odd Circle โ–  Changes 1. Remove Equipment Cube in Mission War Lobby and in NPC Shop in Green Despair and Desert Scream Previously, various types of War Cube are available in War NPC in […]

#KR #EP19P2 Sep 20th 2017 Patch notes

โ–  Changes 1. Legend Arena improvements Change the cumulative score A. Original: Final score will be calculated by sum of highest score of 7 days B. Change: Final score will be calculated by sum of highest 5 scores in a week Daily compensation is now available for 4th and 5th times Change Daily Reward UI […]