#EU #EP17P2 Official Episode 17 Part 2 Patch notes

Take a look at the Official Patch notes from Cabal Europe for Episode 17 Part 2 🙂 Update will be launched by Sep 21st 2017. Short video of the these content from Korean Server can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=msAiMmqmQTg I. New Content 1. Dungeon: Glacies Inferna 1) Dungeon Entrance (1) Lv. Requirements: Lv 190 and above […]

#EP17P2 #Guide Glacies Inferna and Divine Upgrade

🙂 Livestream for this can be found here 🙂 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bsn12WpPZdA Defensive Dungeon – Glaciés Inferna Dungeon Name: Glaciés Inferna Entry: Bloody Ice, same place with Chaos Arena Limitation: Level 190+, up to 7 participants in a party Entry item: Item: Crystal of Frozen Flame Sold by NPC Deighton – Grocer – Bloody Ice Price: 3,500,000 Alz […]

#EP17 #GSP Official Patch notes from Global Service

Please find the detailed patch notes from Cabal GSP below, in case you need further information, please try mrwormy.com/?s=ep17 Key changes: New Battle Style : Force Gunner Armor: Battleset Weapon: Orb/ Crystal Skill: 20 attack skills BM1 : Ranger BM2: Heavy Launcher BM3: Hitman Upgrade to +20 for Weapon/ Armor/ Bike Character Rebalance Other Fixes

#EP17 Are you ready for #Episode17 ?


Hey mate, are you ready for #Episode17? Here are things that you should check out in order to be ready for the update 😉 Episode 17 playlist on Youtube Episode 17 playlist on Youtube All patch notes of #Episode17 on this blog https://mrwormy.com/?s=ep17 Summary of expected changes New battle style: Force Gunner Upgrade items, up to […]