[EP10] [FAQ] Astral Enhancement Skill of Force Blader


Since I have too many questions about this, I want to confirm that the Astral Enhancement level will be depended on Crystal grade only (or Orb if u use that instead of Crystal). For ex: Titan Katana + Mthirl Crystal => Astral Enhancement Lv. 11 vs. Titan Katana + Pherystin Crystalย => Astral Enhancement Lv. 6 […]

[EP10] [Info] Sneak-peek of Blader Skills in EP10


As the title : A little Sneak-peek of Blader Skills in EP10 *ย Sorry for low level of skills, I made this with BL level 107 * ๐Ÿ™‚ Anyways, better than nothing ๐Ÿ™‚ * Love you all, CABALers * * WARNING * SKILL STATS CAN BE CHANGED ANY TIME DURING THE TESTING-PHASE

#KR #EP19 July 19th 2017 Patch notes

โ–  Fixes 1. Abnormal display of Skill EXP in certain situations. 2. Fixed bug related to Battle Modes animation are still available in certain situations. 3. Spawning animations of some monsters displayed abnormally, bug is fixed 4. Fixed bug that bike with Appearance Change cannot be moved 5. Fixed bug related to performing quests inside […]

#KR #EP19 Jun 21st 2017 Patch notes

Changes 1. Increase limitation of Blended Rune from 9 to 30 2. Change the way to mount / unmount Bikes Bikes now can be mounted / unmounted by clicking right click like other items Change the shortcut for Bike Storage Open RW3 storage (Remote Warehouse) : Shift + Right click while mounted Open PW5 storage […]

#KR #EP18 May 10th,17th and 24th Patch notes

May 10th 2017 Patch notes โ–  Corrections 1. Client disconnection while Force Blader uses Magic-type skill while Battle Mode 1 is activated. 2. Fixed bug that causes players cannot re-enter Panic Cave (Hard) in case of client disconnection. 3. Fixed bug that shows pet options abnormally while training 4. Fixed bug that causes abnormal drop/reward […]