[KR] [EP17] Jan 18th 2016 Patch notes

■ Fixes 1. Fixed bug that related to Kias Rohdon in Forbidden Island (Awakened) while it heals its HP 2. Fixed bug that National Costume (War Costume) of Force Gunner is displayed as Force Archer in inventory 3. Fixed bug that caused the stats comparison being abnormally displayed while comparing certain items   ■ Changes 1. […]

[EP17] [KR] Jan 11th 2017 Patch notes

■ Fixes 1. Fixed bug that caused client disconnection when starting certain quest dungeons 2. In certain situations, dungeon completed is treated as dungeon failure ■ Changes 1. Battlestyle Re-balance adjustment Force Blader Fire  / Ice  / Lightning Blade  skill: Change to instant cast Curse of Freeze  (was Mana Freeze before) Cannot use for monsters Remove option: […]

[KR] [EP17] Nov & Dec 2016 Patch notes

Nov 24th 2016 Patch notes ■ Changes 1. Change the maximum level of item upgrading to 20 (was 15) Upgrade UI combination Open the Upgrading UI: Right click on upgrade cores Click on “Upgrade” button in inventory Availability: Normal items Chaos items Upgrade method Once Upgrading UI activated, player can put the item inside Available […]