Arcane Battle


Ultimate Guide To The Arcane Trace Battle System The most important things you need to know about the new Mission War are here! Source : Cabal PH (with modifications) ———— This post will cover only the basics, so you can still explore the new Nation War system and develop your own techniques, strategy and tactics. […]

[EP9] [NA] Cabal Expansion : Arcane Trace – Patch Notes

Arcane Trace Table of Contents 1. ‘Arcane Trace’ and Other Added Features 2. Craft System Reformed 3. Craft Request System 4. Meister Items 5. Craftsman’s Accessories 6. Added Coin Lotto Item 7. Added new accessory “Charm” 8. Unbinding Stones 9. Mission War Changes 10. Other Changes and Corrections ‘Arcane Trace’ and Other Added Features Added […]

[EP9] [NA] Short Info about Arcane Trace update

Some weeks ago, I’ve posted the Full Patch notes of Arcane Trace update from Cabal SEA, it’s really useful but too long ๐Ÿ˜‰ Want to get a quick overview of Arcane Trace update? Check this “tiny” patch notes from Cabal NA. Source : Cabal NAย    Additions โ€ข New NPC ‘Craft Merchant Chloe’ โ€ข Craft […]