💥💥💥Breaking News 💥💥💥 Cabal Mobile KR introduces Chaos Upgrade for Ring and Epaulet ðŸ¤¯ðŸ¤¯ðŸ¤¯ðŸ˜±ðŸ˜±ðŸ˜±

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Right after releasing the most awaiting 9th Battle Style: Dark Mage for the Cabal Mobile by the end of November; recently, in these last days of 2021, Cabal Mobile KR released a GREAT update with the activation to do Chaos Upgrade for Rings and Epaulets 😱😱😱. Players in Cabal Mobile KR feel great that, this is the very first time, they get the content before the Cabal PC version. Some players make fun that, this is the special gift from Santa Claus 🎅🎅🎅

Hope that for Cabal PC, we will get this update later this year or in 2022 🤞🤞🤞

What do you think about this? Let’s take a look with me to see what will be required to do the Chaos Upgrade, the stats and also the success rate of those brand-new Chaos Upgrade for Ring and Epaulet.

20-Dec-2021: Both Cabal Mobile PH/VN and Cabal Mobile TH got the same update for Chaos Upgrade of Rings and Epaulet right after Cabal Mobile KR.

1. Addition of Chaos Upgrade for Ring and Epaulet

  • Certain types of Rings and Epaulets will be allowed to perform Chaos Upgrade.
  • For activating the Chaos Upgrade for applicable Rings and Epaulet, you need to use Chaos Converter. By using the Chaos Converter, the Chaos Converter will be consumed, target item will obtain the Chaos Upgrade Level 1.
  • Change the target of Chaos Converter:
    • Old: Earring, Amulet, Bracelet.
    • New: Earring, Amulet, Bracelet, Ring, Epaulet.
  • Once the Ring / Epaulet gets the Chaos Upgrade Level 1, it can be upgrade with Chaos Core (or Chaos Core Set).
  • Add new Essence of Chaos Guardian:
    • Addition:
      • Essence of Chaos Guardian (Ring)
      • Essence of Chaos Guardian (Epaulet)
    • Obtainable from:
      • Eternal Chaos Arena.
      • Guild Dungeon Box – Cube of Blaze (all grades).
      • Certain events.
  • Add the Chaos Safeguard – Ring and Chaos Safeguard – Epaulet.
    • Obtainable from certain events.
    • Can be crafted using at NPC Chloe – Port Lux.
      • Material: Related Essence of Chaos Guardian and Chaos Core x100.
  • Upgrade Result:
    • Success: Chaos Upgrade Level increases by 1.
      • Upgrade Point is applicable for Chaos Upgrade.
    • Failure:
      • With Chaos Safeguard: Chaos Upgrade Level maintains.
      • Upgrade Point will be granted based on the Chaos Upgrade level.
      • Without Chaos Safeguard:
        • Chaos Upgrade on Item:
          • Chaos Upgrade is removed out of the item.
          • Item won’t be affected.
        • Chaos Upgrade on Chaos Seal Stone:
          • Seal Stone will be destroyed.
  • Different Limit are applied for Rings and Epaulets:
    • Rings: Max Level of Chaos Upgrade: +12
    • Epaulets: Max Level of Chaos Upgrade: +15

2. Rings and Epaulets which are applicable for Chaos Upgrade

  • List of applicable Rings and Epaulets for Chaos Upgrade:

3. Number of Cores and Safeguard Required per upgrade

  • Chaos Upgrade for Rings
  • Chaos Upgrade for Epaulets

4. Stats of Chaos Upgrade for Ring and Epaulet

  • Stats of Chaos Upgrade for Ring:
  • Stats of Chaos Upgrade of Epaulets:

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