Cabal Mobile – Analyse the very first Official Trailer

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Holy f**king sh*t! Yes, seriously! The very first official trailer of Cabal Mobile (카발모바일) is available! Instead of giving us small piece by piece information, ESTGames keeps silent for last 4 years and by yesterday, they smashed the MMORPG Community by throwing out the trailer for Cabal Mobile.

Yesterday, I have released a new video for analysing the Trailer of Cabal Mobile, you can watch it here below…

Previously, in January, another clip was also posted for sharing the leak of Cabal Mobile logo concept and Game User Interface; in case, you missed it, check it out here:

Through the tiny trailer clip with only 30 seconds, I could find lots of interesting things. Let’s me do some recap for you (for detailed analysis, check the clip above).

  • Game will be MMORPG
  • Game will be available now only on Android
  • Pre-registration for Closed Beta from 27-Feb-2019 til 17-Mar-2019
  • Closed Beta from 13-Mar-2019 to 17-Mar-2019
  • Game comes with 6 original classes (WA/WI/BL/FB/FA/FS)
  • Game is open world
  • Core features of Cabal will be available such as:
    • Dungeon System (Mission Dungeon, DX Dungeon)
    • Battle Aura, Battle Modes
    • Astral Bike
    • Combo System

More information of the game will be updated progressively. Til now, there is no further information yet.

Familiar Dungeon will be back in Cabal Mobile like Tower of the Dead B1F
Epic Dungeon such as Tower of the Dead B3F will be also available in Cabal Mobile
Game will be open-world RPG! The epic iconic vehicle Astral Bike will be also available


  1. This game isn’t dead yet?Oh weit,they release it on mobile,cabal online will surely get closed on NA and Eu considering 90% of the channels are only bots.


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