Cabal Online : Episode 22 Part 2 : Demon Night items and Mirage Island

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Today, the newest patch has arrived at Korean Cabal Public server. Content includes two main things: Battle Mode / Skill Renewal and Force Wing.

However, on the teaser page, they decided to hype up gamers with lots of content for Episode 22 Part 2…

As per schedule, these content will be available for Korea Cabal next month (August 2018) (be remember, it’s only a PLAN).

Follow me to get a tour around the exciting things…

1. Demon Night Armors

  • Demon Night Armorset
  • Demon Night Battleset
  • Demon Night Martialset

2. Demon Night Weapons

  • Demon Night Greatsword
  • Demon Night Daikatana
  • Demon Night Blade
  • Demon Night Katana
  • Demon Night Staff
  • Demon Night Astral Gun
  • Demon Night Orb
  • Demon Night Crystal
  • Demon Night Astral Shield
  • Demon Night Astral Bow
  • Demon Night Chakram

3. Transcendence Cores

  • Upgrade Core (Transcendence)
  • Force Core (Transcendence)
  • Slot Extender (Transcendence)

4. Inside the DX Dungeon: Mirage Island

5. DX Dungeon: Mirage Island – Monsters & Bosses


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