[Guide] Pet Selective Untrain Kit

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There is a new cash-item which is added in the 3rd Awakening update, it’s Pet Selective Untrain Kit. Today, I will introduce with you about it.

Here is the item


For example, I have a pet with 6 options like this


I buy the “Pet Selective Untrain Kit” from Cash Shop then use that on the pet. A new window (UI) will appear.

In that window, I can select ONE slot to remove (untrain).


After I press “Untrain” button, the selected slot will be removed (untrained), and the pet will get back 1 free slot.


Useful? Hope that it will be available in Cash Shop soon 🙂

Have fun CABALers 😉


  1. Thank you for this update! I believe that this will be useful in some point since there are some skill that we really don’t need. Then again, we will see.


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