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[KR] [EP10] Oct 25th 2012 Patch notes

■ Fixes

1. Fix the bug related to the auto-distributing stats

■ Changes

1. Adjust the formula for calculating Resistance value based on INT stat, affected:

  • Resist Critical Rate
  • Resist Skill Amp
  • Resist Stun
  • Resist Down
  • Resist Knock-back
  • Resist Critical Damage
  • Resist Unmovable

2. Change property of Force Blader debuffs so those skills can be used in Battle Mode 2

  • Execration
  • Mana Freeze
  • Field of Execration

3. TIP message realted modifications

  • TIP messages interval change
  • Old : 10 minutes
  • New : 15 minutes
  • Add “Gem of Summon” TIP
    • Triggered when the number of “Gem of Summon” is less than 8
  • Change contents of some TIPs


■ Additions

1. Mission Battle Ladder System

  • Ladder System
    • Add the “auto-matching” and “result recording” features
  • WEXP can be obtained after Battle
  • Ladder System progression duration
    • Ladder elapsed time: Hourly 5 – 55 minutes (ex: 7h05 – 7h55 ; 8h05 – 8h55 ; …. ; 13h05 – 13h55 ; …)
    • Allow joining during above time, up to 10 times
    • Time can be changed, these time frames are composed for Test Server only
  • Rating
    • Rating will be based on Mission Battle score, this will be counted on each character who joined the Ladder Battle
    • Rating will changed after Battles, based on score
    • Rating will be calculated on best 5 results
    • Ladder Rating tab is available in Mission Battle UI
  • Automatic matching
    • Automatic matching is available in Mission Battle UI, by clicking “Search” button (based on Rating)
  • The same player which was in the last Battle will be automatically excluded from the result
  • History
    • Allow tracing back last 10 Battle results in Mission Battle UI
  • Ranking
    • Ranking will be decided based on Rating
    • Rank is available to check in Mission Battle UI
  • Ranking Information will be reset hourly

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