[KR] [EP9] Cabal Expansion Part VI : Arcane Trace

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Cabal Expansion – Part VI : Arcane Trace

Released Date : Apr 18th 2012

■ Fixes

1. Hale’s Artifact quest can not finish the dungeon

2. In some certain situations, player can not gain EXP while leveling in fields

3. Minor changes for title system

4. Fix some bugs related to the Referral system

5. Fix some bugs related to the Request system

6. Fix bug related to the doubling price of items which are registered in Auction Hall

■ Changes

1. Changes some basic crafting recipes

  • Removal of some recipes
    • HP/MP Potion, Return Stone, Goodluck Potion, Glory Potion, Epaulet of Proof
    • CA Unit
    • Astral Core (Mithril)
    • Astral Core (Blue Mithirl)
    • Perfect Coating Kit
    • Plasma Plug
    • Add some recipes
      • Perfect Core (Low), Perfect Core (Medium), Prefect Core (Highest)
      • Slot Extender (Highest). Upgrade Core (Highest), Force Core (Highest)
      • Charm upgrading recipes
      • Diamond Cube

2. Change the selling price of items

  • Change basic selling price of items
    • Reduce the price of selling items to NPC by 1/5 price of item in NPC
    • Selling price of items depend on grade of upgrading
      • Higher grade of upgrading gives more Alz when selling
      • Crafting Material price changes
        • Material Core and Quartz Core selling price reduce to 1/10 of current price
        • Trans Force price
          • Trans Force I : 30,000,000 Alz
          • Trans Force II : 20,000,000 Alz
          • Trans Force III : 15,000,000 Alz

3. Change related to drop of materials

  • Stop dropping materials
    • Material Cores, Quartz Cores, Circuit Jewels
  • Change the drop area of materials
    • Shining Yellow Powder, Unknow Circuit

4. Extracting items and change of failure

  • Only items at grade +1 or more give Upgrade core (Piece)
  • Material Core and Quartz Core can be obtained via extracting items only

5. Some unique items drop with tradable property (at low chance)

  • Lycanus Weapons / Drosnin Earrings / Drei-Frame gears

6. Party tooltip change

  • Include Channel and Map in the party tooltip when moving mouse over
  • Add the battle style icon in the tooltip
  • Show the online / offline status of party member

7.  Quest Capsule of Mission Dungeon displays the location information

  • Auction Hall allows searching by the location
  • Tooltip of Quest Capsule displays the information the location

8. Quest Capsule and Costume classified

  • Quest Capsule
    • Type : Quest Capsule and Minesta Quest Capsule
    • Region : Based on territories
    • Costume
      • Chaos Box
      • Nation Costumes
      • Weapon Costumes
      • General Costumes
      • Special Costumes

9. Increase the number of favorites for Auction Hall

  • Add one more line for favorite links in Auction House (now is 2)
  • Allow using shortcuts for accessing Auction House favorite links
  • Switching between lines : F1 – F2
  • Switching between links : 1 – 0

10. Increase the maximum number of quest can be performed at once from 10 to 20

11. Location of the button to move the chat window

  • Top left of chat window

12. Change related to help system

  • Add / Change the help buttons  in some UI for

13. HP of Guardians’  in Mission War regen when  the ownership has been set

14. Improve the Special Inventory

15. Remove in-game Cash Shop “Blessing Bead – Expanding Warehouse”

16. Modify the font size and selling fee of Auction Hall

17. Remove the Formula Card category in Auction Hal

■ Additions

1. Add new NPC

  • Name : Chloe – Manufacturing Merchant
  • Location : Port Lux – next to the warehouse
  • Function : Manufacturing referral, selling manufacturing-related items
  • Item for sale
    • General Material : Disc, Shape  Catridge and other materials
    • Mixture (for Damage Amplificator)
    • Trans Force (material for crafting Battle Mode 3 skill books)
    • Stop selling crafting materials and Formula Cards in other NPCs

2. Add the Referral System

i, Basic Craft reconstructing

  • All the existing recipes will be transferred into the Request feature of Referral System
  • Level Requirement : From 50 and above can use the Referral System

Ii, Register and Produce with the Request feature

  • To register a product, give Alz / Quest item to NPC Chloe as the registration fee
  • The registration process can be done at the certain time
  • To register a product, player must reach a certain grade of favor
  • Based on the time, varies products will be available in NPC Chloe
  • The request  can be success / fail. If the request is successful, the list of available outputs will be displayed
    • If it’s failed, all materials will be gone

    1 – Current Favor Point
    2 – Favor Grades
    3 – Request Interval
    4 – Possible Results

iii, Favor

  • When the player meets the certain favor point of the product, that product will be able to register it in the Request window
  • Each range of Favor grade will be categorized in the Request Window
  • Trying to request items in the catergory which is lower than the current Favor grade of character will not increase the character’s Favor point
    • Ex: If the character’s current Favor point is 2,500. Trying to request product in 1000 – 1999 Favor grade will not increase the current Favor point of character
    • The Favor grade / Favor point will not affect the success / fail chance of requesting
    • A system message will appear when the producing progress is completed
      • If the character is in a party, whole party members will receive the message

iv, Issues related to existing basic crafting system

  • The existing grade of basic craft will be converted into the Favor Point / Favor Grade

  • Stop selling and dropping all Formula Card
  • There are replacement methods for the old Formula Cards
    • Battle Mode 3 Skill Book : Request token for Battle Mode 3 Skill Book crafting (character binding)
    • Damage Amplificator : Request token for Damage Amplificator crafting (there is chance to fail when trying to request this)
    • Forgotten Temple B1F and Mutant Forest  – Mithirl Item crafting : Stop selling
    • Bike Epic Crafting : Temporary stop (will be applied by different methods)
    • Removal of Transmuter and related quests
      • The Extraction feature can be used by clicking the Extract icon in the inventory (next to the Upgrade icon)
      • Converting Bike slots
        • Temporary stop (will be applied by different methods)

Transmute Button

v, Changes related to the benefits from premium services

  • Premium / Craftman / Blessing Bead – Plus : Change the Craft EXP bonus 25% to the bonus Favor Point in Request feature
  • Remove 25% bonus of Crafting EXP from Premium PC Room

3. New accessory : Charm

  • Add 3 new Charms

  • Can be equipped with existing accessories and can be upgraded
    • For upgrading, requires : Upgrade Core (Highest) – Stain Clone
    • When it’s failed, all materials will be lost
    • From upgrading level 5 and above, there is new option : Battle Mode Duration increase
      • The option wont affect the duration of Aura mode
      • When extracting Minesta Charms the output will be Stain Clone and Minesta Diamond Charm
        • Stain Clone will be depended on the grade of Minesta Charm
        • Minesta Diamond Charm : Use for requesting Diamond Cube. Can not be equipped
        • Diamond Cube : Open to get a random Minesta Charm (Sapphire / Ruby / Emerald) with random grade (+0 – +6)
        • Charm at +0 grade is planned to be sold in the Cash Shop (in future update)

4.  New Mission Field : Arcane Trace

  • Entry
    • Required level : 180 or higher
      • When the character reaches 180, the Map Code and Warp Code will be given automatically

1, 2 – GPS Warp
3, 4 – Port Lux Guards

  • Only character with nation can enter
    • Character without nation can not enter
  • Enter methods (2 abilities)
    • Via GPS Warp function
    •  Talk with NPC : Ray Davidson – Port Lux Guard
    • To exit the field Arcane Trace, talk to NPC Bren / Kim at the start of the field
    •  Map features
      • The field consists 7 regions and a base center where the boss can be spawned
      • The boss will be added later (in future update)
      • Drop Minesta Diamond Charm

5. New dance style

  • Add new dance style – Dance 3 – The shuffle da nce
  • Can be used by triggering the skill from Skill Window, register and use from Quick Slot, use chat command (/dance3,  /Dance3, /shuffle)
  • Features are the same with other dance styles

6. Add new quest

  • Quest group : Land of Death
  • Quest name : Legacy of Hale
  • Start NPC : Porter Porter – Port Lux
  • Required level : Lv 79 (BS Lv. 8)
  • Reward :
    • EXP : 750,644
    • Skill EXP : 20,230
    • Additional feature : Hale’s Artifact will be rewarded on completion

7. Add new categories for unique items

  • [Accessories > Earrings] : Drosnin Earring
  • [Weapon] : Lycanus
  • [Armor – Armorset (Helm / Suit / Boots / Gloves)] : Drei Frame (WA) / Drei Frame (FS)
  • [Armor – Battleset (Helm / Suit / Boots / Gloves)] : Drei Frame (FB) / Drei Frame (FA)
  • [Armor – Martialset (Helm / Suit / Boots / Gloves)] : Drei Frame (BL) / Drei Frame (WI)

8. Add the confirmation window and tooltip for DP system

  • End-game notification window will be appeared to notify about the amount of DP and warning that it needs to be acquired to avoid disposing
    • Total amount of DP will be appeared in the notification window before  switching between characters, request to exit game
    • Tooltip of dungeon GPS icons will display the amount of DP
    • The amount of DP can be gained on dungeon completion will be displayed in the dungeon entry item

9. Return stone and Potions will be sold in bigger stacks

  • NPC Shops : Port Lux and Fort Ruina Core Alchemist
  • Items : HP Potion (Lv 3) / MP Potion (Lv3) / Return Stone in 200 / 500 ea packs

* The new system of Professional Crafting will be updated later, at this moment the professional crafting system is temporary unavailable.

1 – Learned Manufacturing Categories
2 – Learn new Manufacturing Category
3 – Total Category
4 – Current Energy
5 – Manufacturing Details
6 – Manufacturing Progress Bar

Meister Items

■ Mission War

1. Change the reward of  Mission War

  • Change reward name

  • Change the outputs of opening Cube War Award
    • Change the Hardness Capsule to Potion of Luck

2. In the Mission War, depends on the nation of character, the outfit of Battle Mode 3 will change the color


    1. til now there is no info about Mission Battle System / Slotting Epaulet. This update is already available for public servers in Korea.


  1. wew in korea ep9 is already being tested while here in ph we are only at ep7 because of the delay in ep8. so unlucky =___=”


    1. it’s not in testing phase, it’s now available for public servers in KR 🙂 I’m playing in EU and being at EP7 too x(


    1. nope it wont. it can apply to either char bind or account binding items but extended item regardless of any type of binding


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